You Do by Alan Lechusza 

Obviously, the more ordinary the taste of the day the less likely night will overly consume liquor to gain courage. Did the thoughts from the sliding sunset divulge any point of interest? Drop your fallacy of reality. 

Unquestionable. Eyes that are intimate lose a choice of perspective. Eyes which wince are no more special. Oh, the reminiscent red wishing to be yellow sighed an ode to immortality. Joyous is the hand that sears red’s heart at one pass the hour of lament.

Yawning at the moonrise.

Tell a tale of innocence gone astray; liar. Your romantic moon is conceived in the womb of another, left a-lone. Ordinary tones do not tease the left-right lobe.

Gestures for intoxicating play lie dormant in the schoolyard waste can. Left a-lone the moon’s fallacy testified to no-one. Undisciplined. Yellow searches truth in ways less optimistic. Defiled scars on costume garments lose their grip and desire to breathe. Eye inverts “I” at no-time.

Dogmatic crimes apply for no remorse. Setting unquestionable standards for a moon’s confession. On coattails of believed hope, ordinary succumbs.

Alan Lechusza, PhD defines his works through a critical philosophy of pop culture aesthetics and expressions.  Research topics and projects produced by Dr. Lechusza reside within the areas of critical theories which strive to dismantle, deconstruct, and redefine aesthetics, hermeneutics of socio-political power and ideological epistemologies through dynamic dialectic interactions of pop culture and the lexicons of power. 

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