Here’s our 2024 Hedge Apple team!

Sarah Fitzgerald, Editor
Sarah Fitzgerald is an avid lover of art in all its forms. As a writer and artist herself, she loves reading all genres, writing, painting, photography, film, and the art of gardening. She truly believes one can find beauty in everything. Her house is adorned with plants around every corner, creating a living and breathing atmosphere of comfort and life. She is a collector of board games and enjoys competitive Sorry! matches with her Husband. She often has her nieces and nephews over for all kinds of art projects keeping her reigning title as the “fun Aunt.”

Alyssa Neff, Graphic Designer

Alyssa Neff is a Visual Media major at the Rochester Institute of Technology and an HCC Graphic Design alumni. She loves dabbling in any and all art mediums, including but not limited to writing, painting, sculpting, photography, and videography. A specialist in portrait photography, it has been her passion for over four years. She enjoys a writer’s ability to completely captivate a reader and make them question everything they thought when reaching that final page. As an artist, she appreciates metaphoric and deeper meaning in a piece, something that really makes a viewer think and piece together their own connections.

Abby Whittington, Art Editor

Abby Whittington is a Visual Arts major at Hagerstown Community College. She has worked with The Hedge Apple previously and is welcomed back this year as the diligent Art Editor. Abby enjoys working on digital drawing, painting, and other 2D work. She aspires to become a concept artist for video games and movies in her future endeavors.

Amanda Miller, Faculty Supervisor
Amanda Miller has been a faculty advisor for the Hedge Apple for 16 years. She loves showcasing emerging writers and artists. Her writing genres have a wide range, from horror to children’s books, from fiction to poetry, including everything in between. “I most appreciate authentic pieces that have a living heartbeat, pieces that sound urgent, like one specific voice whispering in my ear in a way that no other voice could.” You can find out more about her at