Waters of Me by KC Cargill

KC Cargill

Waters of Me


I will wait for the water, to wash me away

Take me adrift and send me out to sea

Across the oceans I will sail, but my horizons will stay the same

Aimless salty drifting

Divided by an abyss that’s as empty as my eyes

Anchored by an immoveable object as heavy as my heart

This is me, a crewless ship with a broken sail

Still afloat but no one knows how

So bring the rain, and bring the thunder

This ship no longer fears drowning in that which holds it up

It no longer clings so dearly to life, thus death avoids it

Sinking its only wish, the water its only friend

Blind in a world of pictures, there was nothing to see

But I see now, I see now….