Mental Constipation by Bobby Z The Junkyard Dog

Seeking the meaning, for a senseless mental constipation.
controlled by the thoughts,
of a forbidden intoxication.
Lost in a void, experiencing a total spiritual contamination,
standing at the altar,
awaiting a complete revelation.
Obsessed by your desire, to fulfill your intention of a secret temptation,
unable to perform,
can't complete a simple fornication.
Condemned by your past, in need of a emotional resuscitation,
looking for relief,
searching for constant medication.
Morally bankrupt, uncontrollable procrastination,
attempting to prevent,
a premature emotional ejaculation.
Total remorse, consumed be an illicit infatuation.
searching for relief,
considering complete isolation.
Confined to your mind, in need of spiritual inspiration.
attempting to prevent,
your total annihilation.
To seek a sanctuary, that is void of exploitation
attempting to resolve,
your Mental Constipation.

Bobby Z is an 83 year old veteran, cancer and covid survivor, and recovering alcoholic (45 years). He is an original Jersey City 50’s bad boy and published author including numerous poems and his book Friday Nite at the Bucket of Blood Bar.