"The Little Red Pointe Shoes" by Mickayla Taulton

“The Little Red Pointe Shoes” by Mickayla Taulton

They were merely a gift, The Little Red Pointe Shoes. Everyone made fun of them, The Little Red Pointe Shoes. Yet, she wore them, The Little Red Pointe Shoes. She danced day and night, In The Little Red Pointe Shoes….

"Bedroom" by Justin Haldeman

“Bedroom” by Justin Haldeman

"For Dionysus" by Michael Tucker

“For Dionysus” by Michael Tucker

I find you in fleeting moments mostly when I lose myself and then you are gone behind your mask. I find you when I go to pieces sobbing and broken on my cold bathroom floor. I find you all those…

"The Ghost" by Kaitlyn Teach

“The Ghost” by Kaitlyn Teach

What would you do with a ghost in your room who never came out when you asked him to? Would you coax him and call him and ask him to leave, while he sits in the corner heckling your pleas?…