Munchin Skeeters by Chris Nelling

Multifaceted Oculars, blue frame teeters Hyaline wings flit. Prey surface, skimming swamp, buzzing bog, Dining Dragonfly, stalking skeeters.

A Bed Time Story by Huda Khan

Stunning, gorgeous, Allay me with compliments. Melt my heart, Pour my mind into elation Tingling, breathless Sensations from the marvel of your words Scuttle down to the tips of your fingers From when you trace me, To the moment we…

Pearled Clown, 2015 by Rashida Joaquin

Pearled Clown, 2015 by Rashida Joaquin


“What do you know of demons?” The Enchantress sat at the hearth, incense smoke tracing spirals in the air.  I stood behind her, silent, struggling to answer the words she had muttered.  I had stood there in silence for longer…

Ginna's Eye 2015 by Kylie Weant

Ginna’s Eye 2015 by Kylie Weant

Hearts Immersed by Huda Khan

Blank Pages Empty lines Seems I’ve been sitting for ages. Points of pencils seem so fine.   Inspiration light Mind bursts The paper and pencil fight My heart is immersed   Beautiful stanzas Perfect breaks Words dance with such extravaganza…

Forever by Veronica Tatone

We loved each other before we knew anything. When we were still just souls, drifting in another world where there is no gender or race or even species. We were content to simply be together. Everything changed the day the…

Girl at Antietam Battlefield 04/05/15 by Joseph Rafter

Girl at Antietam Battlefield 04/05/15 by Joseph Rafter

Talking to Ignorance by Desiree Brown

That stare he uses. That stare they all use. Who? They. The boys. What boys? All boys. The boys I know. The boys I’ve seen. Why do they do this? Do what? Stare. Stare at me with those daunting eyes….

8:03 by Juliet Tatone

“What?” Penny said groggily as she opened her eyes. “Aw, man! No! We missed the best part! This DVD must be scratched. I’ll try to rewind. Sorry, you missed your, like, favorite part. Oh my gosh,” Stephanie yelled as she…