Themed Issues for Spring 2018

Hey there writers, readers, and lovers of literature! Hagerstown Community College’s literary magazine Hedge Apple has some exciting news. To broaden the scope of both our submissions and readership and to foster our participation in a much larger literary community, the Hedge Apple is no longer limited to accepting submissions from students and faculty of the college. We are now open for submissions from everyone! We, at the Hedge Apple, believe strongly in the power of the written word to connect and inspire humanity and are excited to begin a new chapter which includes innovative and different perspectives from across a larger geographic area. We look forward to receiving a larger volume of material with fresh outlooks and will continue to emphasize quality while remaining friendly and approachable to emerging writers.

But wait! That’s not all. Hedge Apple is also announcing some upcoming themed issues. We want to see what you lot of creative humans can do with the following themes (and honestly, we the editors want the fun and challenge of putting each issue together). The editors hope you will view them as gentle nudges to get those creative juices flowing, fingers clicking away at keyboards, pen scratching away on paper, or whatever else you do in your creative process. Perhaps, instead, you have a piece moldering at the bottom of a dusty drawer that somehow relates to one of our themes. In that case, dust it off and send it our way. The editors particularly enjoy reading pieces that have an original, outside of the box relationship to a theme. We challenge you to be bold and original!

And, as always, we’re accepting general submissions.

Flash in the Pan (short creative works and visual art about food):

The act of eating is essential. Food helps define cultures, and cooking is an act of magic. Breaking bread together creates lasting bonds. We as humans tend to be passionate about food. And that passion goes both ways: we love certain foods and hate others. We thought it might be cool to honor food in our first themed digital issue of Hedge Apple magazine. So, please hit us right in the salivary glands with your best short fiction, poetry, essay, creative non-fiction, photograph/visual art, or something else that relates in some way to the broad theme of food. Submissions for the Flash in the Pan Issue are open from now to February 20th.

Mix Tape: The Music Issue

Music is nothing less than a universal language. It moves our bodies and gives us solace. It excites us and brings us peace. For many of us, music is what keeps us sane. In our second themed issue, Hedge Apple challenges you to give us an extraordinary piece of writing inspired in some way by music. Spin a ripping yarn about the adventures of a KISS cover band as they tour the rural south. Haunt us with a short story about that pop song that became a splinter in Jack’s mind. Tell us about that transcendent live music experience you had once upon a time. Unpack all the symbolism in Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation. Scare us with a glimpse into the psyche of the young lady who sends a love letter to Justin Bieber that he’ll never read on a daily basis. We want to see that piece you wrote about the song playing on the radio during your first kiss or the free-verse poetry you wrote about Yoke Lore’s dance moves. Give us that sonnet inspired by Spotify. In short, we want you to make us dance like no one’s watching. Submissions for Mix Tape: The Music Issue are open from now to March 20th.

The Wilderness/The City:

This theme is all about the yin and the yang of the great outdoors and the concrete jungle. Send us something about one, the other, or both. Whether your piece involves camping or staying in a luxurious Airbnb in Brooklyn, the rush of whitewater rafting or being stuck in rush hour traffic, solitude or a busy intersection, ferocious grizzly bears or wolves of Wall Street, we’d love to hear from you. Submissions for The Wilderness/The City are open from now to April 20th.