"Midterms" by Katrina Seabright

“Midterms” by Katrina Seabright

Mid-terms, you make me want to throw myself out a window Onto a pile of glass that will hurt less than my back After sitting and staring and hunching over my computer all night. I feel like an old man,…

"Repeated Time" by Siera Hafer

“Repeated Time” by Siera Hafer

"Look Up" by Michael Tucker

“Look Up” by Michael Tucker

in these our last daze our lost days I’m at the end now chrome skulls bleeding quicksilver skies above as omega point approaches with a fuzzy smile the people on TV snort space and candy off plastic cd cases (apocalypse…

"Bridges" by Kaitlyn Teach

“Bridges” by Kaitlyn Teach

Bridges are meant to be crossed Like t’s, Not dotted like i’s, Nor like lines on a map; The borderlines that separate You and I. Bridges are built, burned, Famed, scorned, Named, claimed, renamed, And more. Like great concrete walls….

"Skipping" by Bryan Lopez

“Skipping” by Bryan Lopez