"Notebook" by Heather Wallen

“Notebook” by Heather Wallen

When your soul is screaming Like it sometimes does When your body and mind are in a war That you can’t remember asking for But you must have Because they seem to think You gave them the permission Put it…

"How it Feels to be Fat or Why I’m Allowed to be Pretty" by Elizabeth Malone

“How it Feels to be Fat or Why I’m Allowed to be Pretty” by Elizabeth Malone

November 14th, 2015 was the first instance I can remember feeling beautiful. Draped in a dark blue gown, the bodice sparkling slightly like faint stars just before dawn, I looked in the mirror and realized: I am pretty. It hit…

"Distance" by James Kemman

“Distance” by James Kemman

Please, love, do not fear the distance; For our futures are surely entwined, The oceans of space how they glisten. Although I was not raised a Christian, I still pray to some form of divine, Please, love, do not fear…

"Winter Blues" by K.E. Shea

“Winter Blues” by K.E. Shea

Winter is a time of joy for people who are cheery, yet the days are dull and dim to the souls of the weary. Yes, December distracts you with holidays and some fun. But how does one carry on when…

"Winter Ice" by Liz Heather

“Winter Ice” by Liz Heather

"Battle Scars" by Michelle Dean

“Battle Scars” by Michelle Dean

I’ll never know the horrors of what he saw. I’ll never understand the pain that remains. All I know is the after effects have him flawed. The airplanes flying overhead at night, The sound of a loud bang, All send…