"Bridges" by Kaitlyn Teach

“Bridges” by Kaitlyn Teach

Bridges are meant to be crossed Like t’s, Not dotted like i’s, Nor like lines on a map; The borderlines that separate You and I. Bridges are built, burned, Famed, scorned, Named, claimed, renamed, And more. Like great concrete walls….

"Little Partner" by Matt Longerbeam

“Little Partner” by Matt Longerbeam

In the early afternoon if I am home most often, I’m on the front porch. I sit there and I hope that he will walk by. Often he does, on his way to work, and I cherish those few moments….

"A Summer by the Sea" by Rebecca Strunk

“A Summer by the Sea” by Rebecca Strunk

Foot to sand, I remember those days of long nights and glorious days, filled with memories. Of a person on the turf swept to me, by the Caspian Sea. To fill my world with new adventures. Each getting better by…

"Turbulence" by Matt Longerbeam

“Turbulence” by Matt Longerbeam

I stand at the window staring at the rusty leaves as they spin in ever widening circles. Just above my lawn they are dancing with the wind but my thoughts are miles away with her and the argument. A battle…

"Cruel Illusions" by K.E. Shea

“Cruel Illusions” by K.E. Shea

Dreams are cruel illusions that trick the mind at night. Displaying either fears or wishes in your sight. I can’t dream lucidly. I am never aware when my logic is trapped until day in a snare. No matter how insane…